All our programs are focused on the wishes and needs of our customers. We offer full service packages, program modules and short presentations of our topics. We are also pleased to offer individually tailored programs to suit every need.

What can you expect from Finiens?

Receiving your request
Firstly we check your requirements and evaluate which program fits your needs by filling out a questionnaire. We ascertain possible travel dates, the number of participants, and your preferred module.

Program draft
On the receipt of your questionnaire we develop a draft program in collaboration with you. The draft program will be edited to include any changes you require. At the conclusion of this stage you place your order with us.

Detailed planning
Working from the agreed program draft, we start creating the detailed plan and engaging the speakers. You will receive a copy of the finalised detailed plan to confirm it meets with the expectation agreed in the draft. All further preparations such as hotel bookings are handled by our co-operation partners.

Your trip
You travel to Germany and participate in our program. During the program period, a member of the Finiens staff is always available for your assistance.

Post program and quality assurance
At the end of the program we ask you to evaluate your experience to ensure we continually meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.