Our clients expect professionalism, substiantiated content, and a high practical relevance. Our team has extensive experience in preparing and executing international seminars and study programs.

Relevant topics
Our topics are precisely matched with the needs and interests of our clients. We understand that top-ranking decision makers dislike lengthy, micromanaged presentations, preferring to obtain a synopsis of a topic quickly and effectively. Our long-term involvement in seminars and study programs ensures we are able to impart complex scenarios and knowledge both descriptively and concisely. Throughout the program, we encourage interaction, not only between the speaker and the group, but also between individuals within the group, to ensure valuable experience and knowledge is harnessed from all participants.

High didactic level
Our presenters have comprehensive experience in adult education with national and international groups, and have excellent ratings from participants. All are prepared intensively for each task, and tailor the presentations to meet cultural differences as well as specific interests and needs of each respective group.

Extensive network
We have a broad network in politics, economy and academic landscape and are able to attract outstanding speakers and experts with practical experience, who can present state-of-the-art-knowledge to the participants.

Organisation and support
Good lectures are only part of a successful program. It is our objective that the participants feel confidence in the organisation of the program from arrival to departure. We encourage dialogue with similar partners both before and after the seminar day. We incorporate cultural, social and culinary impressions of Germany, and a convenient and smooth travel itinerary with carefully selected hotels and restaurants. Throughout the program, participants are accompanied by Finiens staff and experienced interpreters for professional support.

Quality management on all levels
We continually review the quality of all areas of our program, to ensure we maintain our high levels of customer satisfaction.

At the outset, we secure the quality of our program during preparation by working closely with our clients to ensure that our program is tailored to meet the expectations of the customer. During the program there is always a highly skilled member of the staff on-site to monitor the quality of the content and to liaise with the participants. This enables us to fine-tune the course content immediately, should it be necessary. After the program, customer satisfaction is evaluated. Your feedback is highly valued by us, to help maintain our excellent quality and to be even more responsive to the wishes of our customers in the future.