Our customers’ satisfaction is the key to our success. We achieve this success because we focus on the needs of our clients, and drive all aspects of our work to meet these needs.

Cosmopolitan and culturally sensitized
In today‘s globalised world, decision makers who are successful also look for solutions outside their immediate decision field, and want to learn from the experiences of others. We facilitate the opportunity for Chinese and German decision makers to learn from each other, and to understand both cultural and economic similarities and differences.

Focused on the client
Our programs are created with a clear focus on the needs and wishes of our clients. We have extensive experience in international affairs and international clients, which ensures that we understand the concerns of the global decision makers. We will work closely with the client to ensure the knowledge is conveyed effectively. This close collaboration is the basis for all our programs.

Practical and enjoyable
Within our concepts and programs we offer a learning experience which is sophisticated, practically relevant and entertaining. This enables Chinese and German decision makers to view their current knowledge and experiences and then move on to expand their horizons. We are also aware that a successful learning experience consists of more than the content of a seminar and therefore our programs always contain a variety of components. These can include knowledge transfer, experience exchange, cultural programs and subsequent analysis.

Excellence on all levels
We believe that quality is the best policy. Therefore we impose the highest quality criteria on our own work and that of our partners. We continually review all our seminars and programs to ensure we are only offering outstanding learning opportunities for our clients. Our quality management measures are an integral part of our program management which maximises our reputation within the educational establishment.